Monday, May 27, 2013

Korean Show I'm watching these days


If you do not know me well, then you would not know but I am a HUGE Korean fan! Be it Korean products or Dramas or Manhwas ( korean version of manga) !

So, today I will introduce some Korean Dramas that I am currently watching.

1. Jang Ok Jung
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Seriously, I can't get enough of this show! It's so awesome! What is it about? It's a show that shows a different side of the infamous lady Jang Hee Bin. She's real you know? In history, it is said that she's one very evil concubine who made the Queen get stripped of her position and became Queen herself only to later die when the King caught her doing some ritual with her brother and a shaman cursing the reinstated Queen. After reading the history about her, I was so interested in the show more. Why? This show tells us how she became evil! You should watch it too! My dad watched an episode and I was explaining the history plus a lil of what he missed and my dad's comment was "I'm not surprised she turned evil". Seriously, the way others treat her. You would be evil too!

2. Mandate of Heaven
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So, this show, I'm basically watching this since it's a period drama and Song Ji Hyo is acting in it. I read some comments on netizens criticising Ji Hyo but I couldn't see why when I watched this show. Her acting was not bad. What do netizens expect anyways? Anyways, this show hasn't really given me the addictive thing yet but I'm hoping it will soon! 

3. Tasty Road Trip
This show is a food documentary type of show. I watch this almost everyday I think. Every week, different hosts will go to different countries and try their food and all. Really interesting and nice! Not boring like some Food shows. I really like it. So far, I've only watched the Hawaii episodes, the South Africa episodes, Seychelles episodes, Thailand episodes, Taiwan episodes. I think? The Hawaii one was so very very very interesting! I plan to go there after watching this show!

4. Running Man
This is the number one variety show that even non Korean lovers would love this! Even my sis, who hates Korean dramas loves watching this! It's so hilarious & I can't think of anyone who hates this. Basically, they do missions and such but the whole process just seems so fun! I won't really explain much since everyone knows about this! I mean, who hasn't heard of Running Man?

5. Barefoot Friends
This is a new variety show! But I'm loving the first episode so far. The only turn-off for me would be that Eunhyuk from Super Junior is in it. I don't know why but I dislike his attitude and character. Other than that, I'm quite pleased with the casts. One thing for sure is that they kind of want to copy running man in the sense that they also have only one girl. Anyways, this show is about them going to different countries and completing tasks such as living the life of a local which is fun to watch since these people have never even been to these countries, let alone live lives of the locals. They need to earn their own money for food and also accommodation. 

6. Dream of the Emperor

And of course my favourite weekend drama, Dream of the Emperor! I blogged about this before. So, no additional info about this. :)

7. You are the best, Lee Soon Shin!
I started watching this since I really really admire IU. Hahaha! Did you know that she's like an inspiration to me? We are the same age but she's just so pretty and cute at the same time. She's a singer but this is her second time acting. truth be told, I didn't expect her acting to be so GOOD! Like seriously, her acting deserves 2 thumbs up! You should watch this! It's about Soon shin achieving her dreams to become an actress with the help of a famous Ceo of Gabi Entertainment, Shin Jun Ho. In this show, she's supposed to be a rather plain and boring girl who is overshadowed by her beautiful and successful sisters. She couldn't achieve anything and was even scammed by a conman. Everything changed when Shin Jun Ho made a bet with his ex girlfriend, Choi Yeona. The bet was that if he could turn Soon Shin who was a nobody to THE actress, Yeona would then join Junho's company. Then, you know, dramas here and there. Well, wanna know more? Watch this! :D

That's about it to Korean shows that I'm currently watching!

I also watch English TV series and all but that would be under another post!

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