Friday, July 25, 2014

Memebox Superbox #21 Dermocosmetics


This post will not be that detailed like my review posts.

I got this box together with the luckybox 5 which I wrote all about it here.

I paid USD6.99 for shipping for both boxes. that was back when you only had to pay a one time shipping for each order.


As usual, you will receive the box in a pink bag.

Once you rip the pink bag, you will find a pink box bubble wrapped. 

The box without the bubble wrap.

Once you open the box!

Remove the leaflet and this is what you get.

Front view of the leaflet

Back view of the leaflet. 

Remove the mask and this is the arrangement of the other products.
As you can see, my shampoo leaked. :(
Already wrote an email to memebox and they've compensated with 6 reward points.

This is what you get.


1. Dewytree 7 Cut Facial Cream (USD29)
2. Dr. Oracle Real White Gel Cream (USD30)
3. Dr. Oracle Shiny Water Pack (USD25)
4. Kangskin Beauty Multiblock Cream (USD42)
5. Kangskin Beauty Scalp Treatment Shampoo (USD18)
6. Kangskin Beauty Aqua Soothing Mask (USD10)



What I Like:

I really like this box despite the leakage.
Fast delivery
Cute box
All full size products
Get to try out all these brands that I've never heard of before

What I didn't like:

Leakage but they have compensated me
The thing I really don't like about memebox is that if we try a product and really love it, you actually can't purchase it from anywhere coz apparently they don't sell it anywhere else. This is the main reason why I couldn't do a price comparison since I really couldn't find the products anywhere else.

Would you guys like me to review any of the products?

Do leave a comment below or email me at joubajoubawa@yahoo.com

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