Saturday, July 12, 2014

Memebox: Luckybox 5


I finally got myself my first ever Beauty Box!

Memebox Global

I decided to get this Luckybox because of the spoilers. I really wanted to try out the tea tree essence.
Memebox needs no introduction considering its popularity. Just search the tag memebox on instagram and POOF! Lots of pics!

So, I'll skip the introduction and go straight to pictures and maybe a lil price comparison.

Price of box: USD23 (excluding shipping)


What's Inside:

1. Leaders Insolution Mask Sheet
Price listed: $3
Price on koreadepart: $10.73 for 5  ( $2.15)

price listed: $37 for 30ml
can't actually find it anywhere.
price based on list: $7.40 for 6ml


price listed: $35 for 50ml
where to buy: http://www.ibuybeauti.com/dr-g-bio-rtx-mentor-cream-5/
price there: $42.99 including shipping
actual price: $14 for 20ml

4. Tea tree essence
price listed: $32 for 50ml
price on koreadepart: $35.90 for 50ml
price for sample: $12.80 for 20ml

5.  Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint Red
Price listed: $3 for 9ml
Price on Koreadepart: $2.93 for 9ml
Price of sample: $0.49 for 1.5ml

6. Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream
Price listed: $35 for 75ml
Price on koreadepart: $25.46 for 75ml
price for sample: $10.18 for 30ml

7. Dr. Jart v7 eye serum
price listed: $38 for 15ml
price on koreadepart: $42.63 for 15ml

8. O& Soap Berry Bubble Cleanser
price listed: $25 for 100ml
price on koreadepart: $24.68 for 100ml

So, basically I tried finding everything on Koreadepart since shipping there is the cheapest for me.
I would say that I'm actually really happy with this box & will do separate reviews on each product, more detailed ones.


Since memebox no longer ships to Malaysia and I was in China, so I gave my China address.
To those of you who stay in China, don't waste the extra money on express shipping since standard shipping takes only a week.
Shipped out: 03/06
Received: 10/06

What I like:

I loved that the box was bubble wrapped & everything was so secured!
I love how memebox gives discounts all the time.
I love how memebox is always so on time in shipping out the products!
Memebox has like the best customer support!
The box is worth its value.

What I didn't like:

I wished shipping to China is cheaper since it's so so so near to Korea
The shipping is expensive.

Where to get this:


Since this post is long overdue & there are so many reviews and unboxing posts of this box out there, I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I'll try my very best to review 2 more boxes which I received and do keep your eyes open for more reviews! :D

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