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Korean Drama: Dream of the Emperor


Do you have KBS, channel 392 on Astro? If yes, you should definitely watch this show! It is aired every Saturday & Sunday at 8.45pm.

It is my most favourite show for the time being!

Btw, it is still currently filming.

Before I begin, special thanks to http://asianwiki.com/King's_Dream for all the info I'm about to use. 

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  • TV Show: Dream of the Emperor / King's Dream
  • Revised romanization: Daewangwi Ggoom
  • Hangul: λŒ€μ™•μ˜ 꿈
  • Director: Shin Chang-SeokKim Sang-Hwi
  • Writer: Yoo Dong-Yoon
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 80
  • Release Date: September 8, 2012 --
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 21:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set during the Shilla Dynasty, "King's Dream" follows Kim Choon-Choo & Kim Yoo-Shin, who destroyed Baekje and brought about the golden age of national culture in the Shilla Dynasty.

King's Dream-Choi Su-Jong.jpg
Kim Choon-Choo played by Choi Su Jong.
Honestly,I didnt like the part where they use this actor to portray as a 20 something year old in the beginning. I mean, the real actor is born in like 1962 and he does look good but only as an adult of his age. He looks really old when playing as a 20 year old. My bro said it's probably coz of budget. They couldn't pay too many actors since the show itself already has like so many actors & actresses. No other complaints regarding this actor. I do love his acting. It's good!

King's Dream-Chae Sang-Woo.jpg
Young Kim Choon-Choo played by Chae Sang-Woo.
I liked this kid's acting. I love the part where he always wanna help out Yusin. I just love shows bout best friends who won't betray each other and remain loyal and such. 

King's Dream-Kim Yu-Seok.jpg
Kim Yoo-Shin played by Kim Yu-Seok.
I absolutely lovc his part whenever he always runs to Choon-choo's rescue. He's always there when Choon-choo needs him. Seriously, I love their friendship. No other friendship can be potrayed better than theirs!

 No Young-Hak
Kim Yoo-Shin played by No Young-Hak
I fell in love with his character when I watch this actor act. He is so into the character, I don't really know how to describe but he makes you wanna watch his acting. You keep wanting to watch his parts. Too bad the childhood part was so short. Didn't get to see more of him. :(

King's Dream-Hong Eun-Hee.jpg
Queen Sundeok played by Hong Eun-Hee ( currently still princess, not queen yet) 
One word! Pretty!
Omg like seriously! She's so pretty. Why didn't they cast her earlier? Did you know that her part wasn't played by her before ep 19? Her part was played by Park Joo mi before this but she got into an accident and hasn't fully recovered so they found Hong Eun Hee as a replacement. I'm so glad they did! She totally fit the character!

King's Dream-Lee Young-Ah.jpg
Queen Seungman played by Lee Young-Ah
Omg! She played her part so well that I hate her so much! I mean, I hate her character. She's so good! She acted in Baker Kim Tak Goo previously and she didn't really showed much of her acting skills there but this show, she really proved herself as a darn good actress!

King's Dream-Lina.jpg
Queen Moonmyung played by Lina   ( currently still just Munhui, not Queen yet )
She's really pretty! I'm surprised that this is her first time acting. She plays her part really really well for a first time actress. Her character is Yusin's younger sister. Her love for Choon choo is just so overwhelming. I didn't like her at first for ruining the relationship of choon choo and his first wife but as the story progresses, you just can't not love her. She took care of Choon choo's first wife's daughter as if she was her very own even when she already has her own son with Choon choo. Her character was also the main reason why Choon choo came back even after going through all the injustice in the royal court.

UPDATE: I have watched up till episode 36. Can't wait for ep 37! Would like to share a lil spoiler. From ep 33 onwards, Choon choo's kids are all grown up! I was a lil disappointed that his first son Beopmin isn't handsome. I mean, they cast such a gorgeous actress to play his mom, so why is the son like that? I don't really remember which episode but there's a character much more hateable than the Queen has appeared! He's Bidam. The WORST!!! Watch this drama to find out more about how despicable he can be. Also, from ep 20 something, the Queen was exiled, so yea, no news about her anymore.

Yeonhwa played by Hong Soo Ah & child Yeonhwa ( i don't know this actress' name, SORRY!)
Most people probably don't know Hong Soo Ah but if you watched a variety show named "Heroes" you'll definitely know her. Anyhow, she was a cute and innocent kid. But when she grew up, she became a very revengeful young woman. She swears that she will have revenge on Bidam & also Choon choo & Yusin. She wants to avenge her birth mom, the Queen & also Bihyeong but I actually don't get her. She's in love with Beopmin.

Remember how I was saying Bidam was so hate-able? Well, this guy here is Bidam. He's so power crazy that he would endanger his country rather than lose his power and rank. My god, he was Choon choo's mistake. If only Choon choo didn't ask for his help to get rid of the Queen. It's like bringing a tiger to kill a wolf and then that tiger subsequently betrays you and eat you up. Yup! That's this guy's story. He wants Yeonhwa! Hates Choon choo like hell!

This is Beopmin. Yeonhwa's lover, Choon choo's son. He's pretty much liked by everyone except his younger brother. He acts rashly all the time. Great fighter though. He used to be so cute! Btw, can't find the child actor's pic, so, i can't show you guys how cute he is.

That's pretty much what I feel like typing anyways. Seriously, there are so many characters that I feel too lazy to type about. For more info, visit http://asianwiki.com/King's_Dream
Will continue to edit this post from time to time about the other characters!

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