Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thayers' Alcohol Free Toner: Rose petal witch hazel with ALOE VERA formula


Hope you don't mind the long title ok?

What I'm about to review now is the effectiveness and the awesomeness of this toner!

Seriously, I've not used many toners, probably because of the ineffectiveness and so on but this toner here changed my mind!



You might not think much of blackheads. You probably think so what? Well, let me tell you about my blackheads. These recent years, I have developed stubborn, like excessively stubborn blackheads on my nose. There was no solution to it. My nose looked like a strawberry, an ugly one! I tried so MANY methods.

Previous methods:

  • Biore pore strip ( which works wonders on many but not me!)
  • SexyLook Blackhead Remover Set ( claimed to work better than the Biore for many but again, not for me!)
  • Steaming face then apply blackhead remover mask
  • Steam face then squeeze the blackheads out

None of the above worked for me/ :(

Reason I bought Thayers:  I read about Thayers, but I didn't buy it for blackhead purpose though. I bought it coz I read reviews that it was a darn good TONER!

So, yea. I purchased 2 bottles of the rose petal ones and the only regret I have is not buying more!


Day one:

Skin felt absolutely fresh after applying. Didn't feel the need for moisturiser anymore.

Day 2:

Blackheads were greatly diminished, I couldn't believe my eyes!

Day 3:

Blackheads were completely GONE!


Blackheads are gone for GOOD!
Moisturiser is not needed anymore!

P.S. I have dry skin, but after using this, my skin has changed to normal and I no longer need any moisturiser!

I am so very very happy with this!

Pictures of the toner will be uploaded soon!

If you are interested in buying this, you may click on the link below:

For my fellow countrymen, Malaysians, I can help you preorder this and also other scents. But do take note that preorder requires a period of time ok? Contact me at joubajoubawa@yahoo.com for more info! Or you may just leave a comment here and I'll get back to you!

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