Thursday, July 30, 2015

Haul: Wishtrend (June)


I received my parcel on the 29th of July but let's go through the whole process together shall we?


Ordered & Paid: 24/6
Shipped: 6/7
Received: 29/7

What I ordered:

What I like:

Love the secured wrapping! (SO MANY LAYERS OF BUBBLE WRAPS!)
Free samples ( though I have to say, Wishtrend has been reducing the amount of samples)
Tracking number was emailed

What I didn't like:

Shipping took too long ( the whole process was so much longer than expected especially when shipping isn't even free)
They took too long to process the order ( ordered on 24/6 but they only shipped it on 6/7, that's 2 weeks!)

Will I repurchase:

Highly unlikely to purchase from Malaysia but when i go back to China, i will since shipping is faster
Will only buy products on promotions/ really special deals

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