Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review: (I'm from) Vitamin Tree Water-Gel


Have you read my last post on the Wishtrendtv deal? That post was a brief, really really brief intro to this product. It was how I discovered this product. Read all about it here.

A lil pic to start this post:

Product Info:

Brand: I'm from
Product: Moisturiser
Size: 75g
Price: USD28 (shipping not included)
Where to buy: Wishtrend    (any promotions related to this product will be listed down below)

Additional Info: (all pictures and information in this section was taken from wishtrend.com)


The front part of the box:

Side part of the box:

Back part of the box:

Other side of the box:

Top part of the box:

Bottom part of the box:

Once lid is lifted:

See that little spatula? :

Take the bottle out and compare it with the box:

Size of spatula in comparison with bottle:

Front part of bottle:

Side part of bottle:

Other side:

Note that it is a twist kind of cover:


Basically, colourless. And true to its name, it is watery. If you ever use Laneige's Water sleeping pack, this gel is exactly like that.


Smells fresh, very faint fruity smell. Claims to be fragrance free, so I'm guessing it's the natural smell of vitamin? 

My Experience:

Used this every night as a moisturiser. Lasted pretty long. Started using on 11/4, finished on 7/7. About 3 months worth if you use this only at night. I would say it lasts really long since I have a big face actually. And a little goes a long way for this gel since only very small amount is needed to cover the whole face. I absolutely love the watery texture and how easily it glides on my skin. It gives plenty of moisture, I survived winter with this! And mind you that I have dry skin type. This didn't break me out at all. I would say that this gel has lighten my acne scars though I don't know for sure if it's this gel or all the combination of products I used.


Lightweight (very light and you won't feel like it's clogging your pores or anything)
Not sticky after applied (I hate how some/most moisturisers tend to make your skin feel slightly sticky)
Big size ( lasted 3 months)
does what it claims


Expensive (not high end kind of expensive, but out of my budget)
Only available on Wishtrend 


If you are looking for the lightweight type of moisturiser which doesn't feel sticky after applied, then this is the right moisturiser for you. Especially if you are aiming for whitening, more to evening out your skintone due to acne scarring. For people with sensitive skin prone to acne breakouts, this gel is definitely for you.

Will I repurchase?

Yes (though I am wishing for better deals as the Wish, try, love deal is already over.)

Ongoing Promotion & Deals:

Usual Price: USD57.99
Current Price: USD49.29
Click here.

No promo for this, just listing it here so you guys don't need to scroll up to the product info section.
Price: USD28
Click here

Also, do note that if you have never shopped at Wishtrend, register using this link down below to be entitled to USD5 off your first purchase.

Link: https://www.wishtrend.com:48598/?s=10502901

Just a lil tip but do check out their free shipping section if you were to purchase anything since their shipping is not cheap.

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