Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil


Product review of the day is the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil.
I'm sure you've all heard of this incredibly famous brand.

Product Info:

Name: Tea Tree Oil

Size: 25ml
Other sizes available: 10ml
Where to buy: Available in all independent pharmacies & chain pharmacies(Guardian, Caring, Watson)
Price: RM30.80 for 10ml
          RM46.80 for 25ml


My box was kind of damaged so I took this picture from Thurday Plantation Malaysia's facebook page.

This is how the bottle looks like when you take it out of the box:

And the bottle's back view:


Like any other essential oil.


Tea tree scent.

My Experience:

I actually use this together with my moisturiser every single day. This method really helps because I've not been getting any breakouts so far. And mind you that I have acne prone skin.

For before & after pictures, do read my other review on the blemish gel here.

There's no before & after for this review because I use this as an acne prevention product rather than a cure since I'm using the blemish gel as the cure instead.

You may use this as the cure instead. But hey, different people, different preference right?


Use any moisturiser of your choice and add 1-2 drops of this tea tree oil. This helps to keep away those nasty acne & pimples.

Sprinkling Gel Cream  


I am so used to adding this to my moisturiser that I feel so weird when I don't. I use this every single day with my moisturiser. It's good to prevent.

Prevention is better than cure!

Will I purchase?:

Absolutely! This is one thing i can't live without.

Note: This product was given to me for review purpose but this does not affect my review in any way.
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