Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kurazen, Beijing


I'll be doing a review on Kurazen, Beijing.

Now I know I actually suck in food reviews but please bear with me. :)

I really love the food here which is why I'm doing a review on this.

I don't usually do food reviews but the food is so good I just have to share it with you guys.

One of the things I love about this place is each table gets their own private little space, if you get what I mean. Each table is separated into sections? Now, I know I'm not good in explaining. I did take a few pictures. So, hope you understand! 

Here's how each table is separated:

What you get in your "section" is 6 hangers to hang your winter clothing, jacket.
3 on each side, like below:

Each "section" has like different paintings and a small lil notice board with menu highlights, I think.
Order by pressing the gadget such as below:
Each gadget comes with buttons such as "order", "cheque", "water" & "cancel"
Soy sauce

Each "section" comes with a powerplug & there are like 6 cushions, 3 on each side:

Just another picture to show you the view again:

Ah and I almost forgot, each person gets a cup of tea & warm towel:

I ordered the Pork Broth under the noodle set section:

do note that the bean sprouts were actually in the bowl but I forgot to take a picture and realised it while I was picking all the bean sprouts out.
So, the price is RMB38. 
I think the price is really really reasonable considering the service, taste and amount of food given.
My set came with onigiri(rice ball), chawanmushi, seaweed & the noodle.

Taste: The chawanmushi was so good! I fell in love with it. The broth of the soup was super good! It was flavourful, very flavourful, something rare in Beijing. It came with 2 slices of pork. The pork was really good. I usually don't eat the fats of the pork but this one, I ate just because it was good, the fats literally melts in your mouth. There was also menma(bamboo shoot) but I didn't eat those. The hard boiled egg was the best hard boiled egg I've ever eaten! I never actually love hard boiled egg but OMG! The egg itself had a hint of sweetness & saltiness at the same time. It was just so good that my words don't do it justice. Even though everything was so good, the portion itself was so much that I couldn't finish everything. I finished the noodles and the pork & egg. I only ate half of the delicious chawanmushi. I wanted to eat more but I was just too full. So, that said, I didn't even eat the onigiri, simply because I really couldn't eat anymore. 


Btw, did I mention that service was super good? 

There wasn't anything that I didn't like. 

Menu had english so don't worry if you can't read chinese or japanese. 

Address: 21 Haoyun Jie, Zaoying Lu
Chinese address: 枣营路好运街21号
Opening hours: 10:30am-2:30pm; 5pm-10:30pm

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