Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Kangskin Beauty Multi Block Cream


Miss me readers? I hope so. I'm back with a review after so very long. Remember my post on the memebox? No? You can read all about it here


Brand: Kangskin Beauty
Name: Multi Block Crean
Product: Sunblock
Size: 50ml
SPF: 50PA+++
Claims to : Regeneration stability, wound care blemish cover


It comes in a box like the one you can see below:

The back part of the box with information in korean:

Side part of the box with a lil explanation, ingredients, directions, caution:

The other side of the box with the brand name, product name & so on:

Top part of the box:

It comes in a tube form:

Back part of the tube:

As usual, tube packaging which comes with the screw type cover


The picture above doesn't show the actual colour so I put some on a tissue to show you guys the real colour.

Here it is:

From the pictures above, you can see that it is creamy, like any bb creams. If you were wondering, it's more like a watery bb cream. Even the colour is like that of a bb cream. 


I don't know how to describe the scent but I hate it. I've never smelled this scent before, so it's really hard to describe. 

My experience:

I must say I really didn't like this sunblock at all. It makes you look white, like ghostly white. It doesn't even have anything to do with blending. it's just so hard to blend the sunblock. It's really obvious that you put something on. Not natural at all. My face felt oily, I don't know why. 


High spf? but personally, I think most sunblocks are like that now.
Good coverage. but instead of the natural coverage, it just whitens your skin so much.


Gives you a ghostly white look
Difficult to apply/blend
Feels oily


More like those whitening creams rather than a sunblock. So disappointed. 

Will I repurchase? :

Definitely no! 
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