Saturday, February 9, 2013

Best face whitening product!


Ever wanted that fair, glowing looking face? Ever looked for a product that is cheap yet effective in whitening? If yes, then you've probably come to the right post.

I am more than happy to share with you a review on this. I've stopped using this product for a month to check its effectiveness. will explain more now.

Pictures first ok?

Below are the pictures:


Ok! Since I've shown you the pictures, let me elaborate about this awesome product. I've been using this product as my only face cleanser for like 2 months and was just amazed with this product. My face got fairer and my pimples were not popping out as frequent, pretty much pimple-less for those 2 months. But back then, I wanted to check if this product was really effective or was it some other product. So, then I changed cleanser for like 2 months. WORST DECISION EVER!

I haven't been using this product since December till just 2 days ago. And guess what? My pimples pop out like ALOT! Face just got so much worse despite trying the Acne.org regimen. Seriously regretted my decision of not using this awesome soap!

2 days ago, I opened the package and started using this soap again. Pimples subdued (if that's even the correct term), face became fairer and my skin started giving that natural glow! Pimple scars are still there but I'm quite confident that the scars will lighten 2 months from now, or maybe even a month from now. That's just how confident I am with this soap!

I totally swear by it. Even told mom that before I go to China to further my studies, I'm gonna restock on this and buy like a total of a dozen! 

By the way, now I'll talk about the process of using this. Even though they claimed that your skin won't peel, but when I first started using this product, my skin did peel for like 2 days. I think it was because I had a very bad case of severe acne that time. But this soap dried up my acne and after that my skin never peeled ever again. Even now, I assumed that my skin would peel considering I've not used this soap for 2 months but surprisingly  my skin did not peel! So, this is like a WARNING to you. In case your skin does peel like for 2 days, bear with it, because you will not regret it after. I considered stopping but I didn't because I wanted to give this soap a chance and I'm so glad I didn't stop using it just coz of my skin peeling. Right after that, my skin improved ALOT! That was my case though. I can't guarantee for you since everyone has different skin conditions. 

Anyways, I'm also selling this product for people who can't seem to find it. I'm selling it for RM7 per pcs and if you buy a dozen, it's RM50. It's very cheap considering it last really long. price that I mentioned is excluding postage. Postage isn't that expensive. I'm charging according to PosLaju rates. So, do contact me for more info regarding the price or maybe even more info bout this soap like the process, or how to use it or absolutely anything. 

Leave a comment here or you may also email me as I check my email very often. My email is joubajoubawa@yahoo.com

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