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Online shopping: Hishop.my


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This is how the page looks like:

Their about me section:

About Us

HiShop [ pronounced as hai-shop ] is an online beauty and cosmetics store. We only carry Genuine Products and we believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone – anytime and anywhere.
Together with our highly experienced beauty advisors, we strive to give you comprehensive access to your beauty choices and decisions at your fingertips. At HiShop, we provide you with Value, Variety and above all, a Beauty Community.
As part of HiShop’s beauty community, you will receive exclusive privileges to:
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Customer reviews
  • Product rankings
  • Professional recommendations from our beauty advisors
  • Tips, experiences, pictures & videos shared by our beauty community
  • Invitations to our exclusive beauty events
  • Value buys (of course we didn’t forget this!)
HiShop is managed by the same folks who brought you White.my and MilkADeal.com. 


They actually have this thing where you can get 3 samples with any purchase and their samples are not the lame ones. You can choose the samples you want!

Shipping fee:

For free delivery, you will have to spend above RM50. If not, I think they charge RM10 which is quite expensive. Basically conditions like this is the main reason why I hate online shopping. But hey, they gotta earn right? So, to make life easier and I guess to save, just spend more than RM50. 

Delivery speed:

They use PosLaju which would actually arrive one day later. But in my case, that was my first time receiving a poslaju parcel later than  3-4 days? here's a summary of the delivery:

See that? Since the parcel was picked up on the 30th, usually I would get it on the 31st, which is a friday. But this is not Hishop's fault. Definitely PosLaju's fault. 

Condition of parcel:

This is what you will be getting for purchasing anything from them:

p.s. I took this photo from their facebook page

What I got was the same thing but the bottom of my box was torn. (if that is the correct term) 
Thank god nothing in the box was damaged.

I bought 4 items  but only 2 were bubble wrapped. I guess coz it wasn't necessary for the other 2. 

What I think the site should improve on:

The details on some products are not really detailed. you might not get what i mean, so, let me elaborate on that. 
For example: 

Skin Factory P.D.T AC Controler Ampoule Mask

This ampoule silk mask helps resolve troubled and oily skin. It helps calm irritated skin, minimize pores and control against excessive sebum production by the skin. Developed by medical specialists of Hushu Clinic in Korea, the Seoul National University graduates formulated the ampoule mask with natural ingredients that include the Witch Hazel extract, Centella extract, Matricaria Flower extract, and Pusley extract to help soothe problematic skin.
In the above info, can you find anything in it that describes how many pcs you are getting? NO. Plus, the picture is misleading. 
Skin Factory P.D.T AC Controler Ampoule Mask
Sorry for this small pic, but main thing is that one box has 10 of this mask, They should only put a picture of the sheet mask and not with the box.

Another example:

Snail Street AC Trouble Mask

3 in 1: Soothes Troubled Skin + Sebum & Pore Control + Moisturizing.

Snail Street AC Trouble Mask is a premium skincare facial mask which contains Snail Secretions Filtrate from the Helix Aspersa snail species as its active ingredient. Snail Secretion filtrate in this AC Trouble mask helps to soften and dissolve scarred, damaged tissues and rebuilt collagen & elastin. This mask is ideal to heal acne problems.

Bio-multi action effects comes from the snail secretion and bio-engineered mask sheets which helps the essence to be absorbed by the skin effectively. It contains snail secretion extracts which helps troubled and acne skin. Made in Korea.
SKU: HSN-1002NA01
Availability: In Stock

Again, you do not find anything that says how many sheets you are getting. Plus, the picture here is even more misleading. 
Snail Street AC Trouble Mask

Can you see the pic? Clearly shows that there are 5 sheets but in actual fact, you are only getting one sheet. 

Conclusion: Do ask the admins for further clarifications. They are always available for enquiries. 

So yes, The one con about this is the not so detailed info and misleading pictures.

Other than that, this site is quite satisfactory.


I actually asked them to include a card stating "Happy Birthday!" and they did! Nicely and neatly written!
Quite impressed with this part! 

I did enquire about the mask sheets. they replied really quick.

oh and they send you an email with your tracking number after payment and confirmation which I really like! I don't really like online shops where you have to log in to their sites just to get the tracking number.
So, I really love it that they send you an email stating the tracking number. Very efficient! 


I don't think I can say much considering the price is pretty much retail price. No discount or whatsoever but I did purchase before the 31st of January, so there was a 20% discount store wide. But I don't think they have anymore discounts. Do check their facebook page for more latest info and such!


I chose the online banking option. Really fast and efficient. I liked that they use MOLPay!

I guess thats's pretty much what I can say about their site. I might miss out on some info and such.

Do check out their site!

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