Monday, September 29, 2014

Back in Beijing & Update on my life!


Sorry for my lack of posts! I'm back in Beijing and have begun Year 2 Semester 1 of my bachelor degree which is getting tougher each sem.  Once again, I'm sorry for this no pic post. I have no idea how to put pictures when I'm using this VPN. If someone out there knows how, do tell me. Looks like I have to use my other blog( joubajoubawa.tumblr.com) for my review posts for now.

So, as I said, this sem is tougher not just because of the subjects but because I moved to a faraway place. It takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes just to get to my uni from my place. To be exact, 15 minutes from my apartment to the subway station, give or take 1 hour spent in the subway, transferring from one stop to another, & of course 15 minutes from the subway station to class. And mind you that I have 8am classes 2 out of 5 days in a week. So for the 8am classes, I wake up at 5am. Bath, eat breakfast and all. Then, leave at 6am. Reach class at 7.30am. As for my 10am classes, I wake up at 6.30am. Bath, eat breakfast, check emails, watch dramas. Leave home at 8am. Reach class at 9.30am. So, this is basically my life for the past 2 weeks. Pretty much getting used to it. It was torture for the first week. If you know me, I'm not an early riser & I HATE outdoors which means, I really don't like walking. Well, if you ever come to China, that's pretty much what you'll do everyday. WALK! 

Besides that, I started meal prepping because I don't have time to actually prepare the meals every single time. I've also started eating clean! Quite proud of myself in this aspect as I've never eaten clean before. I'm only starting this eating clean thing to clear my acne. Most important thing is I want to achieve that healthy glowing skin. I've also started exercising which I've never actually done. 

So sorry if this update is a lil long or boring but I just thought I want to share with you guys what's going on in my life. So, if you guys want me to do any reviews, just email me. I will be doing some reviews this week since it's a public holiday here in China. I'll be reviewing products on my other blog. Do check it out from time to time. :)

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