Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My First Ever Facial Experience


The reason I've not been updating my blog is because I've not tried any new products and nothing interesting happened so far.

Yesterday, on the 31st of July, my parents arranged a facial appointment for me. It was horrible!

It was excruciatingly painful! Like seriously! I've never experienced such pain ever! In my whole entire life!

I was really against going to this facial in the first place but my parents insisted I "clear up" my face before leaving for uni. I bet you can't imagine how my skin is like but it's in a pretty horrible state. I have tons of acne on my right side & lots of acne scars on my left side.  Try picturing that. :P

During the whole process, I was just concentrating not to cry! Can you imagine the pain? I always thought that we weren't supposed to burst the pimple and such. But that beautician totally pierced & extracted my pimples and of course stubborn whiteheads. 

One word! PAIN!

So, want to know the process? Ok. First, I was asked to lie on a bed. The beautician wrapped a towel on my head. She examined my face & told my mom that my condition was pretty serious. She then proceeded to wash my face. That part was cooling and not painful. I didn't know then that the pain was only about to begin. She placed cotton pads full of some solution or whatnot on to my face, every part of my face. Then, she took the cotton pad of my forehead and started poking & extracting. It was painful but bearable. Back then, I didn't know much more excruciating pain awaited! Then she moved on to my right cheek. That was the start of the most painful experience ever! I shall skip this painful part! :( Then she moved on to my chin & nose. And lastly, the other painful part! My left cheek! My god! The pain was unbearable! I would go to see a doctor anytime over this. Skin specialists would just give their patients some prescriptions & creams and such. No poking, no extracting! 

After all that, she put some soothing serum or whatever on my face. Then, she tidied up my brows. And then, the germ killing device. I have no idea how that works. But she placed a net on my face & started using this device which is kinda like a vibrating thing which generates electricity of some sort. After that, came the mask part. She applied some herbal smelling paste all over my face. And then, right after that, she placed a net like thing over the herbal paste. And applied some cooling thing. It was super cooling. And I was left there for god knows how long. I slept that time. After that. I woke up to an alarm. Yup, she set a timer. So after that, she washed my face & applied the soothing serum once again.

I was then told I could go home & was told to come back the following day so she could check on my condition. I was like.....SHIT! And then she said there will be no more pain the next time. It was just a simple check up or something. 

Seriously, I never want to experience such pain EVER again!
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