Friday, December 19, 2014

Food: ways to fry bananas and the result (no pic)


I'm finally able to blog again after all those freakishly horrible midterms. I think I screwed this semester real bad. XP  

This post is really random but I've been experimenting on how to cook/fry bananas since I had to use up all the bananas but was too lazy to bake or anything related to baking actually. Honestly, do you like baking? I don't actually. It takes so much time, and not to mention, ingredients. So frying is a lot easier even though it's the least healthy option.

Methods I used & outcome:

1. Mash the bananas & mix them with sweet potato starch
- I didn't have any normal flour and I remembered the recipe I used for the sweet potato pancake was somewhat similar so i tried replacing the sweet potato with banana and the outcome was delicious! It kinda taste like a local snack found in Malaysia. It's an indian snack if I'm not mistaken but I don't remember the name. The texture is chewy and sweetness from the banana is just so good you dont need to add sugar or any sort of sweetener.

2. Mash the bananas & mix them with oatmeal then fry them like pancakes
- epic fail. LOL! they didn't stick and well obviously didn't turn out like pancakes. 
tried adding egg to see if it'll help to get the mixture to stick. FAIL!

3. Slice the bananas and just fry them
- omg, so oily! and the bananas just became mushy. 

4. Slice the bananas and coat them with sweet potato starch
- Didn't seem right. I mean, it was ok but not delicious or anything.

5. Slice the bananas and coat them with rice flour+water mixture
- Tasted good! :) Crispy yet chewy coating with sweet banana inside. 

So, I've been eating bananas nonstop for the past week, but with different methods. 

In case you were wondering the price of bananas in China, I stay in Shahe,Beijing where they sell things cheaper than most parts of Beijing. So, price may differ according to different regions but in Shahe, you can get bananas at the price of RMB1.50 per 500g. Looks cheap but bananas are actually really heavy. So yea. 

Should I start a post on prices in Beijing? 

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